Decomp Accelerator

Our uniquely designed blend of naturally occurring microbes contained in Decomp Accelerator will greatly aid in the "all natural" process of decomposing your crop residue into organic matter. These microbes are labeled as Super Vigorous Species (SVS) because our microbes have been cultivated to process up to 500% more available nutrients than the typical native soil microbial complex.

Decomp Accelerator works with and without irrigation water. Dew and winter rainfall generally will provide enough moisture to facilitate the decomposition process. Growers can use a single "flush and hold" or continuous flood. The microbial complex in Decomp Accelerator will convert nutrients in organic matter and in the soil complex into plant available forms that become available to the next crop. A unique benefit for rice growers is a marked decrease in scum formation in Decomp Accelerator treated fields. The reason for this is the ability of our SVS to consume excess soluble phosphorous thus depriving the scum forming bacteria of their primary food source. Later in the season this sequestered phosphorous is released for use as required by the crop.  

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