Kim White

Jon "Kim" White began his agricultural career at Sacramento Valley Milling Company (SVM) after receiving a B.S. in Agronomy from UC Davis. SVM was a family-owned business with property in Glenn and Colusa Counties and a contract grower and processor with approximately 20,000 acres of field seeds and beans.

After acquiring the majority ownership in the company, Kim succeeded in increasing stockholder equity by as much as 30% per year over five years. He sold the company and then went to work as general manager of a seven thousand-acre orchard operation with property in Butte and Colusa counties.

After serving as orchard manager for eight years, Kim established Agra Marketing Group in 1991. His years in the Ag industry convinced him of the need and viability of selling agricultural by-products. As CEO, Kim leads Agra Marketing Group's strategic development and is a major asset to the sales team. Contact Kim