SeaCide™ is a unique blend of refined menhaden oil, cottonseed oil and an organic emulsifier. As an organic alternative to chemical insecticides and fungicides, SeaCide™ is less phytotoxic than petroleum based oils.

Compatible with most fertilizers and minor elements, SeaCide™ is versatile enough to use on virtually every crop.

SeaCide™ was developed for use against pests and diseases that occur in a variety of field crops, orchards, vineyards and greenhouse operations. SeaCide™ can:

  • Control a variety of insects, including mites, aphids and whitefly
  • Suppress fungal diseases such as black spot, powdery mildew and greasy spot

SeaCide™ is OMRI-approved for organic agriculture and excellent for IPM programs.

View SeaCide™ Label (PDF)
View SeaCide™ OMRI-Certification-2008 (PDF)
View SeaCide™ MSDS (PDF)
View test results showing the effectiveness of SeaCide™ on leafy spot, greasy spot and rust mites (PDF)

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