True Organic Products

Agra Services proudly carries all of the organic fertilizer products manufactured by True Organic Products, Inc.

True Organic Products, Inc.

  • A large California based organic fertilizer manufacturer
  • Produces a full array of liquid and dry pelletized fertilizer
  • Responds quickly to delivery requests
  • Maintains the highest safety standards
    • Every lot is tested for pathogens and nutrient analysis
    • All products are approved by OMRI or WSDA or both


  • Guaranteed analysis
  • High quality pellets
  • Consistently even spreading
  • High quality, stable liquids
  • Micro screened
  • Easy to inject or spray
  • Stimulate root growth
  • Increase plant vitality
  • Decrease overall cost
  • Feed the soil improving root zone microbiology
  • Increase yields!

Using organic fertilizers can help to reduce costs and increase soil and plant health from water retention to nutrient absorption.

Liquid Fertilizer

  • True 208
  • True 315
  • True 402

Please contact Agra Marketing Group for Labels, OMRI and MSDS sheets.

Dry Fertilizer Pellets

  • True 4-4-2
  • True 6-3-2
  • True 7.5-5-7.5
  • True 10-10-2.5
  • True 12-0-0
  • True 12-3-0
  • True 13-0-0

Other blends are available. Call to learn more.

True Organic liquid fertilizers are available in 250 gallon totes or bulk truck load quantities. True dry fertilizers are available in 1-ton tote bags or bulk truck loads. Call 855-894-1782 for a quote or email us.