By-Product Recycling

Agra Marketing Group, formerly Agra Trading, is the oldest and largest agricultural, forest and green urban by-product trading agent in the Western United States with over 300,000 tons traded last year. Our line now includes over 100 commodities, including by-products from almonds, walnuts, seed, fruits, grain, and wood.

Agra Life Products

Agra Life came into being as a way for Agra Marketing Group to bring its top quality products and experience with commercial scale farming and forestry industries to the small gardener and consumer. Shop and learn more about Agra Life Products here.

Tracy Storage Facility

Tracy Storage Facility

Agra Marketing Group now has a 40-acre agricultural by-product storage and solar drying facility in Tracy, California. It specializes in solar drying a wide range of agricultural by-products, including grape pomace, olive pomace, tomato pomace, almond hulls, peach pits and olive pits.

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